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A floating toolbar can be moved anywhere on the screen, unlike the traditional toolbar that is usually fixed at a side of the screen. By using the applications from this set, you will be able not only to use lots of toolbar customization tools, but also to float or dock a toolbar, in accordance with your needs.

Create Transparent Toolbar download selection is a descendant of our Create Floating Toolbar by Victoria Nelson customized for you:

  1. TMS Advanced Toolbars & Menus

    This consists of the classic toolbar and menu of office 2003.

    TMS Advanced Toolbars & Menus comprises a vlc component set to create toolbars and menus as found in 3 generations of microsoft office and windows 7. This consists...

  2. ToolbarToggle

    Can float or dock the toolbar and fully supports customizing the menus etc.

    ...menus, toolbars, buttons including drag-n-dropping Macros and Autotext to create new toolbars and menus.

  3. ToolbarAssembler
    ToolbarAssembler Download
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    ToolbarAssembler allows creating your own toolbars for Internet Explorer.

    ...ipt and JavaScript is also supported. ToolbarAssembler allows saving user created toolbars as setup files. It can be useful if you want to share your personal toolbar with ot...

Some Create Transparent Toolbar downloads, not featured in Create Floating Toolbar

  1. Axialis IconWorkshop
    Axialis IconWorkshop Download
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    (40 votes)

    Tool designed to make, edit, convert icons for Windows, MacOS and toolbars.

    Icon creation has evolved. Use the industry standard to create, extract, convert, manage icons for Windows, MacOS and toolbars. It supports all existing ico...

  2. ConceptDraw WebWave
    ConceptDraw WebWave Download
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    (7 votes)

    Plan web page design, generate site maps and present website project.

    ...ter, vector, multimedia and text formats - AutoCAD DXF files support - Create and edit of MS PowerPoint files - Export to PDF and HTML - MS Visio support - Cross-Platform Compatibility

Create Transparent Toolbar